Families crave smart design. Parents want the best for their children, without compromising their beliefs, and children just want products that are easy and safe to use, without thinking too much about it.

This is where we come in. Dedicated to quality craftsmanship, we design products, from cribs to dressers to nightstands that are stylish, highly functional and grow with your child from this generation to the next. That is how great design works. It should make life work easier and better, while being beautiful.

We choose the highest quality solid wood for our furnishings, which come from renewable sources and emphasize conservation. This philosophy is important to us because we’re parents as well, who understand our children and our children’s children will be inheriting the same planet. Eco-Chic Baby has the ability to make a difference, so we’re happy to give back more than we take to make it happen.

1 Crib, 10 Trees Project™

With our 1 Crib, 10 Trees Project™, for every crib purchased*, we plant trees on behalf of your child in partnership with American Forests, a leader and pioneer in ecological restoration and urban forestry, and we are the only juvenile furniture company who works with this innovative, non-profit organization.

We are proud to be part of this partnership and the effort to help restore our environment and believe that we can have a positive impact on our children’s lives and future.

*Inside each crib is a mail-in form to donate trees. Simply fill it out and mail it in. We take care of the rest!

American Forests

Founded in 1878, American Forests is the nation’s oldest non-profit conservation organization. It began with a forward-thinking group of citizens in Chicago, led by physician and horticulturalist John Aston Warder, who proposed to plant trees on the Great Plans as a novel kind of reforestation.

The American Forestry Association was born, by 1990, its conservation efforts expanded nationwide and the organization was then renamed American Forests.

To date, American Forests has planted over 46,000,000 trees.

Global Releaf

The Global ReLeaf program has worked with local partners to plant trees in every state in the USA, and also in 38 countries around the world.

Millions of trees have been planted with our help in areas damaged by natural causes or human activity.

These projects have restored forest ecosystems for myriad critical issues, including wildlife habitat improvement, responses to wildfire and other threats, water resource protection and carbon offsets benefits.

Eco-Chic has over 60 years of combined experience in the Juvenile Furnishings Industry. Our core values help us develop the best products possible for our enthusiastic and satisfied customers like you.

We design products that are thoughtful, practical, simple to use and function seamlessly into the lives of modern families. We apply the highest standards of excellence to all our materials, manufacture, products and business practices and create products with the highest safety standards possible.

Our belief is that our generation understands we have a responsibility to our children, which is to create a safe environment for them to sleep, live and thrive, so they may be able to pass it onto their children and the next generation.

We are Eco-Chic Baby: Safe, Stylish, Sophisticated.